AMERICAN CHAMPION Hobel Kennally Big News

Born 24th October 2008

4th born - arrived at 2.51 pm - weighing 9 oz


Loved & adored by Kenna Kachel & Cathy Shirak, USA

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Bridey Winners Bitch June 2011

Judge Mrs P V Trotter Handled by Lisa Arnett

Winners Bitch - Carolina Kennel Club, 14th August 2011 - Judge Mrs Ann D Hearn - 1 Point

BOB & Winners Bitch - Grand River Kennel Club, 15th July 2011 - Judge Dr Goran Bodegard - 1 Point

Winners Bitch - Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel Club, 12th June 2011 - Judge Mrs  Patricia V Trotter - 1 Point

BOS & Winners Bitch - Midland Michigan Kennel Club, 15th May 2011 - Judge Mrs  Loraine Boutwell - 1 Point

Winners Bitch - Grand River Kennel Club, 18th July 2010 - Judge Mrs  Nina Karlsdotter (Sweden) - 3 Point Major

Reserve Winner Bitch - Toledo Kennel Club, 6th June 2010 - Judge Mrs Dawn Hansen - 1 Point

Winners Bitch - Toledo Kennel Club, 5th June 2010 - Judge Mrs Elaine E Mathis

1st in 12 & Under 18 months - Detroit Kennel Club, March 2010 - Judge Dr Gerard C Penta

2nd in 12 & Under 18 months - Detroit Kennel Club, March 2010 - Judge Mrs Rosalind Kraus Kramer


Bridey and Rooney's pups 2012

1 week old

2 weeks old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old

5 weeks old

6 weeks old

6 weeks old

"Who can I pounce on next?"

7 weeks old

7 weeks old

7 weeks old

17th Dec

8 weeks old

8 weeks old

"Mum, what's under here?"

"Just chilling out" - Jan 09

"Doing this stand lark-again!!"

"This is for my new mom"

"Not impressed at all"

"I got the football" - Feb 09

"Okay how do I bite it?"

"Err, this isn't easy"

"Darrick, what's that?"

Bridey arrives in the USA - 8th April 09

"This is my new Dad Jim & Auntie Kenna"

"Now I'll introduce you to Nola"

"Nola & me are twins already"

"Helping Mum with the laundry"

"Zzzzz it's all that travelling & laundry"

"Standing with Auntie Kenna"

"Standing again with Auntie Kenna"

"Me with Auntie Fran & Uncle Bill"

"At the holiday home by the lake" - May 09

"Peek a boo" - July 09

"Just chillin' in Mum's shower" - July 09

"Merry Xmas" - Dec 09

"Me in my new coat" - Feb 10

"Watching the world go by" - March 10

"Just gonna chill out"

"Me after I went to a show & won"

"Playing with Pearl" - March 10

"Can't get me"

"I can get you from down here"

Bridey takes Winner's Bitch Handler Lisa Arnett

Bridey takes Winners Bitch July 10 -

handled by Cathy Shirak

The judge, Nina Karlsdotter, commented “she’s perfect, she has a perfect wave in her hair and when she moves her coat flows with her movement which is exactly what the breed standard calls for”

Bridey at Crown Classic Show Dec 10

Bridey - July 11